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[Bitcoin miners around the world are starting to leave the Ghash]1 .io bitcoin pool following a significant increase in the pool’s hash share.
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Congratulations r/Bitcoin! You have created a decentralised discussion! (P.S. is EVIL)

We get it.'s hashrate is high. If your post can't fit into one of these threads about, it's probably not adding anything substantial to the conversation.
EDIT: Decided that instead of whinging, I will try to help the community access the information that is most relevant to them. Before posting a new thread, check if one of these may be relevant.
EDIT 2: Now that Ghash.IO has made an official press release claiming that they will not act maliciously, I am going to get some well deserved shuteye. I am sure the saga will continue on without me.
Press Release from Ghash.IO
Bitcoin mining pool GHash.IO is preventing accumulation of 51% of all hashing power
Current Network Hashrate
Hashrate Distribution
Warning about Ghash.IO and Cex.IO
GHash.IO At 42% Of Mined Blocks Over Past 24 Hours.
LEAVE GHASH.IO if you mine there!
Bitcoin Miners, Step Away From GHash.IO !
Miners Boycot as the Pool approaches 51% of network hashrate
If the situation with GHash.IO has shown us anything, it is that it's time we move to a p2pool.
Stop buying cloud mining at
If a large portion of mining pools are 'unknown', does this mean GHASH.IO could potentially already be over 50%?
Bitcoin Miners Ditch Pool Over Fears of 51% Attack staff threatening customers now for talking about the approaching 51% mining share...
"How do we fix this?/Why is this bad?"
Instead of having to boycott GHash.IO, maybe fix Bitcoin?
Discussion: Mining Pools and their future
We need a mining pool with a good looking website like GHASH.IO and its affiliates
Reason why miners like me won't leave GHASH.IO or won't stop purchasing cloud based mining power through CEX.IO
I think part of the problem is that some miners don't know how to switch pools. Could some of you veterans please direct folks to the necessary guides?
Can't just restrict max number of continuous blocks from a pool / miner to one (context; big mining pools nearing 51% hash rate)
Possible GHASH.IO solution (one for the devs)
Why not issue alerts for things that threaten Bitcoin's health such as GHASH?
Explanation of Double-Spending (51% Attack) regarding nearing 51% of GHash.IO
Question: what are downsides if Ghash.IO hit 51% but choose not to doublespend?
The whole Debacle
Looking for alternative or ... ?
The network health of Bitcoin is awful. The 2 largest pools comprise 60% of the network. All you need to do to take over the network is coerce 2 people. Please switch to P2Pools.
We love Satoshi, Satoshi was a genius, but Satoshi's mining approach just isn't working out in practice and needs to be changed.
A screen saver like the old SETI one, that only mined with P2P pool possible?
Pool Voting: Encrypting Bitcoin Transactions To Be Processed By Specific Pools
Vitalik's thoughts on the issue
Problem with pooled mining in general
don't want bitcoin to get 51%? support this !!
Why is a pool owning +51% of the mining network not so bad?
Could a malicious entity with a lot of hashpower (say 10% of the total network) intentionally hurt other pools?
ELI5: Why is so bad GHASH.IO has a 51%+ marketshare?
Can someone ELI5 this whole 51% thing?
ELI5: Double spending
Community Reaction
Bitcoin as of late
I can't quite tell if people here think is a problem...
Seemingly some people are upset about GHash.IO's recent increase in hashrate share...
Incase you missed it...
Is this really necessary? It is almost as melodramatic as that suicide hotline post...
Reddit idiots panicking over nothing again. has a great business model.
People have figured it out, stop posting about leaving Ghash
Clearly GHASH.IO is simply an exceptional pool that is naturally rising to the top. Why do you captains of industry want to hold them back with regulations?
Stop with the GHash.IO nonsense!
Why is no-one talking about the problems with GHASH.IO?
Just got 8 Avalons, is the best pool to join?
Insanity wolf would like to have a word with you all
My dad's thoughts after I explained Ghash
BTC Gigahash 51%, of to PeerCoin/POS+POW :)
The price of bitcoin didn't fall even a bit and maintained its average day price even through the scare. Reasons?
Investor here. Does the thing have anything to do with the Yahoo malware?
The lack of privacy/anonymity, & the lack of incorporation of the P2P mining in BTC, is for the first time making me feel as though a successor is, or should be, near.
Threats against
Let's Just DDOS the bastards and end this all ready.
I am going full fiat and you should too. We need a crash in price: it's the only signal miners can't ignore.
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Reviews of six mining pools

Hi all,
I got four antminer s1's in September (after buying leased mining since December 13) and after hacking them to each concurrently mine on up to nine pools, I began working my way through the various pools I found on blocktrail. When I started mining, I was daunted by bitcointalk, and couldn't really find any reviews anywhere else, so hopefully it'll let some newer miners check out the options before they start, or if people are thinking of pointing some of their hashing elsewhere, to let them see what's out there.
I've published six out of the eight in this first round, but am looking for ideas for the next eight after this, looking at them through a similar lens.
Bitcoin Affiliate Network's Pool -
Discus Fish -
Eligius -
gHash -
Ozcoin -
Polmine -
Final two in the batch are BTC Guild and Slush.
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Bitcoin Roundtable: "A Call for Consensus from a community of Bitcoin exchanges, wallets, miners & mining pools." (Signed: Bitfinex, BitFury, BitmainWarranty, BIT-X Exchange, BTCC, BTCT & BW, F2Pool, Genesis Mining, GHash.IO, LIGHTNINGASIC, Charlie Lee, Spondoolies-Tech, Smartwallet)

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Why I just sold 50% of my bitcoins: GHash.IO

tl;dr: GHash.IO shows that the economic incentives behind Bitcoin are probably very flawed, it might take a disaster to get the consensus to fix it, and if that happens I want to make sure I can pay my rent and buy food while we're fixing it.
I made a promise to myself a while back that I'd sell 50% of my bitcoins if a pool hit 50%, and it's happened. I've known for awhile now that the incentives Bitcoin is based on are flawed for many reasons and seeing a 50% pool even with only a few of those reasons mattering is worrying to say the least.
Where do we go from here? We need to do three things:
1) Eliminate pools.
2) Provide a way for miners to solo-mine with low varience and frequent mining payouts even with only small amounts of hashing power.
3) Get rid of ASICs.
Unfortunately #3 is probably impossible - there is no known way to make a PoW algorithm where an ASIC implementation isn't significantly less expensive on a marginal cost basis than an implementation on commodity hardware. Every way people have tried has the perverse effect of increasing the cost to make the first ASIC, which just further centralizes mining. Absent new ideas - ideas that will be from hardware engineers, not programmers - SHA256² is probably the best of many bad choices. (and no, PoS still stands for something other than 'stake')
We are however lucky that we have physics and (maybe) international relations on our side. It will always be cheaper to run a small amount of hashing power than a large amount, at least for some value of 'small' and 'large'. It's the cube-square law, as applied to heat dissipation: a small amount of mining equipment has a much larger surface area compared to a large amount, and requires much less effort per unit hashing power to keep cool. Additionally finding profitable things to do with small amounts of waste heat is easy and distributed all over the planet - heating houses, water tanks, greenhouses, etc. As for international relations, restricting access to chip fabrication facilities is a very touchy subject due to how it can make or break economies, and especially militaries. (but that's a hopeful view)
Solving problem #1 and getting rid of pools is probably possible - Andrew Miller came up with the idea of a non-outsourceable puzzle. While tricky to implement, the basic idea is simple: make it possible for whomever finds the block to steal the reward, even after the fact, in a way that doesn't make it possible to prove any specific miner did it. Adding this protection to Bitcoin requires a hard-fork as described, though perhaps there's a similar idea that can be done as a soft-fork. Block withholding attacks - where miners simply don't submit valid solutions - could also achieve the same goal, although in a far uglier way.
Solving problem #2 and letting miners achieve low varience even with a small amount of hashing power is also possible - p2pool does it already, and tree chains would do it as a side effect. However p2pool is itself just another type of pool, so if non-outsourceable puzzles are implemented they'll need to be compatible. p2pool in its current form is also less then ideal - it does need a lot of bandwidth, and if you have lower latency than average you have a significant unfair advantage. But these are problems that (probably) can be fixed before adding it to the protocol. (this can be done in a soft-fork)
Do I still think Bitcoin will succeed in the long run? Yes, but I'm a lot less sure of it than I used to be. I'm also very skeptical that any of the above will be implemented without a clear failure of the system happening first - there's just too many people, miners, developers, merchants, etc. whose heads are in the sand, or even for that matter, actively making the problem worse. If that failure happens it's quite likely that the Bitcoin price will drop to essentially nothing - not a good way to start a few months of work fixing the problem when my expenses are denominated in Canadian dollars. I hope I'm on the wrong side of history here, but I'm a cautious guy and selling a significant chunk of bitcoins is just playing it safe; I'm not rich.
BTW If you owe me fiat and normally pay me via Bitcoin, for the next 2.5 weeks you can pay me based on the price I sold at, $650 CAD.
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GHash.IO back to under 30%. Thank you /r/bitcoin!

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History Lesson 2014 - We Will Never Launch a 51% Attack Against Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Miners, Step Away From GHash.IO !

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since the blockstream cabal puppets are having a day with Mike Hearn quit , I present you peter toddler from 2 years ago : " Why I just sold 50% of my bitcoins: GHash.IO "

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I never mined the Bitcoin or other alt. I'm investing into Petamine just to fight against CEX/GHash.IO

Worst case I'll lose a few money or make nothing. Best case I'll make a few bucks.
But on the both cases I'm supporting the network against mining centralization. For the first time I feel doing something great for the Bitcoin eco-system.
edit: supporting the fact they are considering going for p2p pool. I want them do it. Else I'll leave them.
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History Lesson 2014 - We Will Never Launch a 51% Attack Against Bitcoin

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Instead of having to boycott GHash.IO, maybe fix Bitcoin?

I don't support GHash.IO, and ive long sold all my mining rigs but all this talk about 51% attacks... if a government or agency really wanted too im sure they could 51% attack Bitcoin and we wouldnt be able to stop it like this occasion.
I apologise in advance if im way off, but wouldn't it be better to have Bitcoin ITSELF fixed so 51% attacks can't happen? (if this is possible?)
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If you mine Bitcoins please leave this pool ASAP and go to another pool. This is potentially more serious than Litecoin's recent 51% problem due to the simple fact that if BTC fails it could bring down the entire crypto ecosystem.
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Bitcoin Mining Pool Is Unapologetic Over Risk Of Theoretical 51% Attack

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SAVE BITCOIN (from / - why not just outmine them? ELI5

Ok so explain to me like I'm 5.
Ghash is the new king of Bitcoin, in crypto-anarchy the majority of (mining) power makes them the ruler. This can't be fixed. Well But OK! Why not work with that?
Everyone who complains about this: why not out-mine them by voting with your wallet? 1) Buy any mining gear big or small 2) Mine in p2pool
Simple as that?
Can we make a tutorial for totally not-technical people to do just the above, and promote it to all investors while showing them why it's in their best interest?
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Is Anyone Else Concerned About (X-post from r/Bitcoin)

Original link
I have very limited background in CS and programming, however, I've read briefly on the 51% risks of bad miners. The comments from the OP are not very comforting, not that I'm looking for comfort.
I am interested in more discussion on this topic since Bitcoin may have less individuals who have information on the technical side of BTC.
What is the likelihood that a 51% breach will become a real issue for bitcoin? How? Are the developers prepared to solve this issue?
Edit: Reading the wiki and this. I would still like to see discussion.
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GHash.IO Preventing Accumulation of 51% of all Bitcoin Hashing Power, It Says

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Bitcoin Miners Ditch Pool Over Fears of 51% Attack

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Bitcoin Mining Pool DDos-ed in Response to threat of 51% attack?

Bitcoin Mining Pool DDos-ed in Response to threat of 51% attack? submitted by AllBTC to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

On /r/bitcoin there is a scare on 51%.. Blackcoin is PoS and is probably not susceptible to that, does BC have any weaknesses?

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r/Bitcoin is fearing the GHash.IO mining pool might reach 50% of total Bitcoin hashing distribution. What does Peercoin have to fear?

Bitcoin is fearing the GHash.IO mining pool might reach 50% of total Bitcoin hashing distribution. What does Peercoin have to fear? submitted by _CapR_ to peercoin [link] [comments]

How To Start Cloud Mining With Prevents 51% + Insured Bitcoin Storage +  Morning Bit Ep 37 7/16/14 - Google adds Bitcoin calculator, GHash commits to 40%, & Coin Congress is next week How to Mine bitcoins Get 750 Ghash free to mine bitcoins ROI in 3 months Bitcoin miner and use shared login, and if you are buying cloud hashing power with CEX, you will be mining automatically on the pool, with associated maintenance fees. However, for the purpose of this review, we’ll be looking at how they fare when you point your own miners at them. They support a wide range of coins, with bitcoin also mining NMC, DVC and IXC. NMC and DVC can be ... GHash.IO is one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools, which entered the mining market in July 2013 and contributes to over 30% of the overall hashing power making it the #1 pool in the Bitcoin network. GHash.IO charges 0% pool fee and provides 24/7 technical support for its users. October 2016, GHash.IO pool officially closed. The team behind GHash.IO offers development of custom-built pools ... Should reach and maintain 51% of the bitcoin network, the mining pool would theoretically be able to perform certain actions uncontested, such as double spending individual bitcoins ... GHash.IO is a bitcoin mining pool having operated from 2013 and allowed bitcoins to mine using personal hardware or cloud-based mining power. In October, 2016, GHash.IO pool has been closed.At the moment, the team behind former GHash.IO pool offer enterprise mining solutions upon request. The collective value of the bitcoin mined in this pool was over $200 million in its first year. GHash.IO is a Bitcoin mining pool, working in conjunction with CEX.IO Bitcoin exchange since 2013. The company frequently adds new features and expands trading possibilities. GHash.IO offers mining of Bitcoins (merged with NMC) and Litecoins (merged with DOGE). October 2016, GHash.IO pool officially closed. The team behind GHash.IO offers development of custom-built pools and enterprise mining ...

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How To Start Cloud Mining With

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Queue Your morning cup of Bitcoin news Morning Bit Ep 37 1. Takes Measures to Prevent a 51% situation -- Article: Bitcoin mining pool came close to processing 51% of all bitcoin transactions over the weekend, which wou... In particular, summit organizer, who recently came close to that threshold, made a commitment to "not exceed more than 39.99% of the overall Bitcoin hashrate." The mining pool provider is ... Bitcoin & Crypto 8,166 views 4:43 и инструкция по регистрации и майнингу на Мультипуле для профессионалов.